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Everyone has a history. An account of the things that they have accomplished during the time they have been around. General Floorcraft’s history is made of great events that has established us as the world’s oldest manufacturer of floor maintenance equipment.

It was all started in 1930 by the Sassano family which was located in New York City.

General Floorcraft pioneered the floor machine industry as we know it today. By introducing the first vertical motor floor machine in 1930, to inventing dual speed floor machines and variable speed machines. Then introduced the ultra high speed floor machine that helped change the industry way of maintaining floors. But it did not stop there. Next we invented the marble machine. A machine that weights 150 pounds with no added weights. Some other inventions that we did to just mention a few are: full one piece wrap around bumper, flipping wheels, pivot system, clutch plate, solution tank, gear box, motor canopy and many more.

Another interesting fact is that during World War II, General Floorcraft converted its machine shop and production equipment lines to produce b¬ombsites for the war effort. After World War II, General Floorcraft went back to its primary purpose of manufacturing floor care equipment.

In the early 1950's, we started to sell the household cleaning business. We designed a small durable twin brush floor machine that was intended for home use and light industrial cleaners. After many years we sold the rights to Regina, who continued to make the same machine for many more years.

By 1960 General Floorcraft had grown so large, we had to relocate to a larger building. We moved to the Bronx, NY.

In 1986, the Gore family acquired General Floorcraft. They started a private label program with our equipment. Once again, it did not take long and we were known as the “king of the private label program”. Because of this in 1992 we outgrew the building again. We moved this time to Paterson, NJ. In 1996 General Floorcraft acquired Cleancare International from Avmor in Canada and moved it to Paterson NJ. This acquisition made General Floorcraft a full-line manufacturer with worldwide distribution.

In the year 2007, General Floorcraft was acquired by a private investor who managed the company for three years. Unfortunately the company was not able to escape the global economy changes, and the company was idle for a short period of time.

In 2010, General Floorcraft was acquired by a well established private investor group that has more than 75 years experience in the Jan/San business, and m moved to a new “state of the art” facility in Miami, Florida. Here we added wet/dry vacuums, air movers, floor pads and diamond pads. General Floorcraft’s goal is to be the largest full line floor equipment manufacturer.

The best stories are the ones that don’t end. The ones you just keep adding and adding to. One just marvels at the creative, optimistic, courageous ways businesses evolved. From being what they were over 100 years ago, to what they are now. One thing is very clear, General Floorcraft is back, and it’s back to stay.

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